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I'm an Advanced Trick Dog!

My Story

Mesa, Arizona

"We come out to see MavDog and get new stickers every month" Candice T. Chandler, AZ​ "Such an amazing dog!!" Jeff R. Mesa, AZ

"He is so good with the kids" Ashley P. Mesa, AZ

"Such an incredible show" Summer Z., Chandler, AZ

"I didn't think it was real...boy was I wrong!"  Ted M. Gilbert, AZ

Being a working dog, I am highly intelligent, strong, agile, and hard headed. I needed something to do, so my handler/trainer thought that having me do tricks would be a good outlet for my talents. Guess he was right. I love my fans! I have been performing at many different venues over the years and love all the attention that my fan base gives me. I try to have a new trick every month, and perfecting the tricks that I have already learned. My goal is to become a certified "Champion Trick Dog" and perform all over the country.